name institute WG metals techniques resources expt/comp
Panayotis Kyritsis Univ. of Athens WG 2, WG 4 Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Co Inorganic Synthesis, NMR, EPR, Elect. NMR, Potentiostats, Glove Box, Vacuum Lines Exp.
Patrina Paraskevopoulou Univ. of Athens WG 3, WG 4 Fe, Mn, Co, Cu, W, Mo, Re Inert atmosphere techniques, UV-Vis, IR, NMR, Electro. Glove box, Vacuum lines, NMR, UV-Vis, FT-IR, Fluorescence, GC, TGA, Electro., Viscometer Exp.
Ioannis Sanakis NCSR Demokritos WG 4 - - - Exp.
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