Final scientific workshop: Berlin, April 9-11, 2018

Organizers: Prof. Kallol Ray and Prof. Christian Limberg (Humboldt Univ.)

The program can also be found here in PDF format.

time item
Sunday April 8

all dayEurope: Travel to Berlin
Monday April 9Scientific sessions (Bildungszentrum Erkner)

08.00-08.30 Registration
08.30-08.50 Opening of Meeting (Chair and Local Organizers)
Session Chair: C. McKenzie
08.50-09.30 Plenary lecture: S. Hammes-Schiffer
09.30-10.00 Keynote lecture: M. Driess
10.00-10.20 Scientific talk: T. Corona
10.20-10.40 Scientific talk: B. Weber
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
Session Chair: P. Weinberger
11.10-11.30 Scientific talk: L. Müller
11.30-11.50 Scientific talk: S. Realista
11.50-12.20 Keynote lecture: H. Schwarz
12.20-13.40 Light lunch
Session Chair: D. Pantazis
13.40-14.20 Plenary lecture: C. Cramer
14.20-14.40 Scientific talk: B. Cobeljic
14.40-15.00 Scientific talk: C. Van Stappen
15.00-15.30 Coffee break
Session Chair: M. Gruden
15.30-15.50 Scientific talk: L. González
15.50-16.10 Scientific talk: S. Xue
16.10-16.40 Keynote lecture: C. Duboc
16.40-17.20 Plenary lecture: T. Paine
17.20-18.00 Reports of WG leaders
Session Chair: K. Ray
18.00-18.30 Editor's talk: G. Lyashenko
18.30-20.00 Bildungszentrum Erkner: Informal dinner
20.00-22.00 Poster session
Tuesday April 10Scientific sessions (Bildungszentrum Erkner)

Session Chair: S. Kyne
08.30-09.10 Plenary lecture: L. Gagliardi
09.10-09.40 Keynote lecture: F. Meyer
09.40-10.00 Scientific talk: Y. Sannakis
10.00-10.20 Scientific talk: M. Orio
10.20-10.25 GROUP PICTURE
10.20-10.50 Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: A. Vicente
10.50-11.10 Scientific talk: L. Rulisek
11.10-11.30 Scientific talk: C. Hess
11.30-11.50 Scientific talk: A. Silva
11.50-12.20 Keynote lecture: M. Costas
12.20-13.40 Light lunch
Session Chair: T. Borowski
13.40-14.20 Plenary lecture: J. Peters
14.20-14.40 Scientific talk: G. Morgan
14.40-15.00 Scientific talk: C. de Graaf
15.00-15.30 Coffee break
Session Chair: W. Browne
15.30-15.50 Scientific talk: V. Jensen
15.50-16.10 Scientific talk: J. Klein
16.10-16.40 Keynote lecture: O. Reinaud
16.40-17.20 Plenary lecture: S. Fukuzumi
Session Chair: M. Swart
17.20-18.00 MC Meeting
18.00-23.30 Conference dinner
Wednesday April 11Scientific sessions (Bildungszentrum Erkner)

Session Chair: M. Halcrow
08.30-09.10 Plenary lecture: N. Lehnert
09.10-09.40 Keynote lecture: M. Reiher
09.40-10.00 Scientific talk: P. Kyritsis
10.00-10.20 Scientific talk: K. Warm
10.20-10.40 Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: G. Hörner
10.40-11.00 Scientific talk: J. Chen
11.00-11.20 Scientific talk: G. Li Manni
11.20-11.50 Keynote lecture: M. Kaupp
11.50-12.10 Scientific talk: Y. Dede
12.10-12.30 Scientific talk: M. García-Melchor
12.30-13.10 Plenary lecture: W. Nam
Session Chair: M. Swart
13.10-13.30 Final words (Chair)
13.30-14.30 Light lunch and Departure
14.30- Europe: Travel back home
Supported by Humboldt Univ. Berlin, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and Fonds der Chemischen Industrie

International Invited Experts

Keynote speakers


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