Annual Progress Conference, May 14-16

From May 14-16 took place in Keflavik (Iceland) the Annual Progress Conference 2014 for the Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies (CMST) Domain. Our Chair went there to present the new ECOSTBio Action. The presentation has been uploaded unto Slideshare.

At the meeting, details were given about a possible change in the structure of COST, which seems to be a dramatic change. More details will follow once it will be known if these changes will be made, and if so, in which form and when.

This may be related to the change from FP7 to H2020, which has also meant a big (formal) change: until 2014-06-01 the COST program was financed by the European Science Foundation, which was acting as guardian on behalf of the EU. Starting with H2020, this will change to a new organizational structure: the COST Association.

Needless to say, but the ECOSTBio Action was well received at the APC.

See the ECOSTBio Action flyer.
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