Signing of Contract EU-CostAssociation and Grant Agreement UdG-COSTOffice

Today two very important documents have been signed.

On the one hand the Contract between the EU and the COST Association has finally been signed, which was already in the pipeline since end of April.

On the other hand, the Grant Agreement (following the Work&Budget Plan) has been signed today by the legal officer of the Univ. Girona (Vice-rector Dr. Jordi Freixenet). This GA document now has to be signed by the COST Office, and once that has been done the UdG will have been formally assigned as Grant Holder of the ECOSTBio Action.

At the same time, the Chair has been given access as Grant-Holder to the e-COST system, meaning that at the end of next week the formal invitations for the September meeting in Girona will be sent out.
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