Short-Term Scientific Missions

A number of documents will be needed by the STSM Manager for a STSM application to be accepted:
When to apply
The applications can be submitted at any time, but the STSM should start and end within the same budget period (e.g. May 1, 2016-April 30, 2017).

Within a maximum of 4 weeks after the end of the STSM, the applicant should send a scientific report to the STSM Manager. The report has to have the approval of the host before submission, and needs to have the approval of the STSM Manager (and Chair) before reimbursement can take place.

When to justify
The scientific report has to be submitted (with approval from the host) within 4 weeks after the end of the STSM.

STSM Manager
Dr. Carole Duboc, Vice-Chair (mail).


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