United Kingdom

name institute WG metals techniques resources expt/comp
George Britovsek Imperial College London WG 3, WG 4 Fe, Co, Mn Paramagnetic NMR, UV-vis, Evans' NMR Paramagnetic NMR, UV-vis, Evans' NMR Exp.
Sam de Visser Univ. Manchester WG 4 - - - Comp.
Rob Deeth Univ. Warwick WG 3 Fe, Co, Mn, Ni, Cu DFT, MM, MD, KinMC, LFT CPUs Comp.
Malcolm Halcrow Univ. of Leeds WG 3 Fe, Co, Cu Synthesis, Crystallography, Magn. Measures, EPR, Elect. Synthesis lab., NMR, Single crystal and X-ray, SQUID magnetometer,EPR, Voltam., DSC/TGA, UV/vis/NIR Exp.
Jeremy Harvey Univ. Bristol WG 2 Fe, Cu DFT, CCSD(T), Non-adiabatic rate theory - Comp.
John McGrady Univ. Oxford WG 3 - - - Comp.
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